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Ion later regrets his actions, especially when Esther arrived to save him before he is killed by Radu, and is captured along with him. His faith in Esther is completely restored when, in jail, she repeats her statement that he is indeed her friend. After the Dietrich awakens his thirst for blood, Ion immediately begs Esther to kill him whilst barely using his willpower to restrain himself. Esther refuses, and instead gently grants him permission to drink her blood. Shocked, touched, and his heart breaking, Ion reluctantly almost gives in to his hunger; he manages to stop himself right before biting her, and almost takes his life before Abel intervenes to save them.

Before Esther leaves the Empire, Ion is troubled when completely realizing the fact that because they are of completely different races, he might never see her again. Astha affirms this by reminding him that time passed differently between Methuselah and Terrans, and whatever he desired to say should be said now.

At the last moment, Ion catches up to Esther and declares that they will meet again, earning a smile in return. It is relatively unknown if Esther fully understands or shares Ion's feelings.

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In the anime, she is rather oblivious to it, though in the manga, when Ion promises to become stronger and repeat his invitation for her to remain with him in the Empire, she smiles and states that she will be waiting for him to do so, possibly hinting that she might be starting to fall for Ion as well.

Ion's appearances in the manga and anime have slight differences: In the anime, he simply looks like a young boy, but in the manga, he has more androgynous features. She is a direct, no-nonsense individual who has a very low opinion of Terrans, referring to them as barbaric and stupid, among other things. Her opinion of humans, however, seems to have primarily been formed through Empire propaganda combined with having little exposure to or understanding of humans. Asthe takes being called a "vampire" as an insulting slur, and only refers to herself as a Methuselah.

The most powerful close-combat weapon found among the Lost Technology relics, the spear uses ionized xenon gas to create a high-density, high-temperature plasma blade capable of cutting through anything. Astha's view of humans begins to change after she is sent to Venice to arrest Endre Kourza, a vampire mass murderer whose newest round of killings in Vatican territory could spur a war. When the two find Endre, Astha becomes solely focused on killing him because he murdered her partner.

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She is so blinded by her rage that she destroys the Rialto Bridge , killing and wounding many humans that had come for a festival. Abel also sustains injuries while protecting her from her own sword, which flew back at her in the explosion. She greatly regrets her actions, and keeps a better handle on her emotions when they go after Endre again and arrest him. Though she initially berated Abel for calling himself her partner, a word of special meaning to Astha, at the end of the mission, he earned her respect enough for her to call him her partner.

When Ion was framed for the murder of his grandmother, she allowed Abel and his entourage to stay at her estate, and aids Abel in an investigation into the true circumstances of the murder. In the manga, she then accompanies Esther to the nuclear launch facility beneath Byzantium.

She is hit by a fireball when she confronts Radu, and is knocked unconscious, thus she is unaware of both Seth's Crusnik status and her relationship to Abel. She does not appear in this confrontation in the anime. Her partnership with Abel would become an important step in the secret peace negotiations between the Vatican and the Empire. She would later be assigned to shelter the Vatican diplomats and the Earl of Memphis after the Rosenkreuz Orden's attempt to frame the Earl of Memphis.

In the novels, the partner that Endre killed was the Countess Len Yearnoshe, [4] however in the anime series, her partner is changed to a male and it is implied that they were lovers. Her clothing in the manga is much more revealing than in the anime; the portions of her outfit that are absent in the manga are plain white cloth in the anime.

Voiced by: Takewaka Takuma Japanese ; J. Michael Tatum English. In truth, he is the apparent leader of the extremists in the Empire and is part of the plot to assassinate the Empress and the Duchess of Moldova so he can seize the throne. Despite his hatred and disagreement with the desire for peace between humans and Methuselah, when he has a chance to take a shot at the Empress, he cannot bring himself to kill her and intentionally misses.

He is killed by Asthe. Baibars, the Duke of Khartoum, is a gigantic, dark skinned man who serves as the chief of the Yeniceri, the Empire's Palace guard. He is first seen leading a group of Palace Guards to arrest Ion Fortuna, and later appears to intercept Abel's uninvited excursion into the palace. He is introduced as a gruff, dutiful soldier, but after the plot to assassinate the Empress is foiled, he reverts to a much more friendly and easy going personality, as well as revealing that he and all of the Yeniceri are comically terrified of Mirka Fortuna, the Duchess of Moldova.

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He is currently training Ion in swordsmanship. Enderles Kudza, Count of Zagreb, is considered the Empire's worst mass murderer, having impaled over Terrans and relentless slaughtering many others in various ways. Boyish in appearance, Enderles is purely evil and was exiled from the Empire. At the Orden's request, he goes to Venice for the purpose of murdering the Pope, however he goes on another massacre spree, killing dozens, in hopes the Empire would send Asthe after him.

Having once killed her partner by using Asthe as a shield, he enjoys tormenting her with that knowledge and repeats the scene by using a child as his shield, then killing the little girl the same way he killed Asthe's partner. When fighting, Enderles protects himself with an Aegis shield, a series of orbs that forms an impenetrable shield around its wielder.

A powerful defense system, the Aegis only weakness is that while activate, the person using it is also unable to attack and must drop the shield to make an offensive move. Asthe, partnered with AX Agent Abel Nightroad, finds Enderles, but he escapes their grasp and Asthe, letting his constant taunting get to her, causes massive casualties among the humans. The pair realize his real purpose for being in Venice, however, and set up a trap for him.

Asthe belittled him in order to infuriate him so he will drop his shield and attack her, giving Abel the chance to wound him with a silver bullet.

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In the anime series, Enderles name is changed slightly to Enderle Kudza. His appearance is greatly modified, giving him an older, more adult appearance rather than the childlike appearance described in the novels. The more gruesome details of his crimes, particular his multiple murders of children, are also not mentioned, nor does the anime reveal his connection to Rosenkreuz and his death is mentioned as a result of his wounding by Abel Nightroad.

The Rosenkreuz [36] Orden is a vampire terrorist organization and its members are the primary antagonists in the Trinity Blood series. The Orden claims to want to make a " new world order ," and many of their activities center on triggering a new apocalyptic war between the Vatican, the New Human Empire, and Albion. Given Cain's desire to destroy the world, however, he may be manipulating the entire organization to suit his own personal vendetta. He was once the gentle, beloved leader of the Mars Colonization Project, until an accident killed him.

Seth injected him with the Crusnik nanomachines which saved his life, but also drove him insane. In the war following the return of the colonialists to Earth, he and Abel took the side of the vampire returners. When Lilith's influence made Abel question their choice, Cain killed her. Furious, Abel and Seth confronted their brother, pushing Cain out of the space ship and into the atmosphere. His body burned into a pile of ash. Cain was able to regenerate his body from the ash; however, he sometimes has difficulty holding his makeshift body together.

Together, they took over the Rosenkreuz Orden, a small, insignificant organization in Berlin that consisted of enemies of the Vatican. Through Cain and Isaak's charisma and power, the Orden grew into the world's leading terrorist organization. Cain's motivations are unclear, but he seems bent on the destroying humanity and the world. His most popular title, however, appears to be Contra Mundi. His overall attitude in the anime is one of aloof disconcern. Once his brother Abel learns Cain is alive, Abel's primary goal becomes to kill Cain once and for all.

When Cain leads the Rosenkreuz Orden on an attack of Albion, the two brothers have their first clash and Cain kills Abel with relative ease due to his higher Crusnik fusion level and Esther's sudden appearance, that distracted Abel. This puts Abel at the same power level as Cain and their next clash ends in a draw. Accompanied by Ion Fortuna, Abel has pledged to hunt Cain for eternity, if need be, until he is destroyed.

In the manga, Cain's personality is drastically different. While mostly demonstrating an almost childlike, carefree nature most of the time, he was also shown at one point yelling in an over-the-top manner at a vendor who, in his opinion, made poor fish and chips. He has a seemingly random encounter with Esther while she is having an uncomfortable and undesired meeting with a reporter in London.

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During this encounter, she mistakes him for Abel at first due to their similarities in appearance and manner, though he is dressed in a white suit and a white top hat. He follows her around for some time while she attempts to make her way back to the Royal Palace, all the while acting in an even more frivolous and goofy manner than Abel.

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Finally, Esther runs into Isaak, posing as Mr. Butler, who tells her that he happens to be looking for someone. This someone is revealed to be Cain who, after listening to Esther telling Issak that she is lost, insists on driving her back to the Palace. When Esther asks him for his name, he momentarily adopts a more solemn manner, and tells her that his name is Cain. The situation resolves itself without any incident, with Cain delivering Esther to the Palace safe and sound and then going on his way.

In the manga, Cain seems to be very concerned with Abel's well being for some reason; he shows great happiness when told by Isaak that Abel is well after his confrontation with Dietrich in the Byzantium nuclear launch facility, and during said confrontation, Dietrich mentions that "a certain someone" would be furious if he was to kill Abel. Why Cain shows this concern is not known. When his Crusnik powers are activated, Cain's lips and eyes turn red, his hands grow blue claws, he grows six white wings, and a black lance materializes in his hands.

In this state, he can generate destructive red energy. When not in Crusnik form, he appears to have the power to launch a destructive and invisible force from his hands and to possess superhuman strength. Since he met Cain, Isaak takes care of Cain's regeneration and leads the Orden with him, though his true motivation for doing so is unknown.

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He enjoys smoking cigarillos and quoting works of literature. Issak does not usually appear in public, preferring to let others carry out his plans.

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When he does move to the front lines, he shows excellent battle prowess and is not easily defeated. His reasons for appearing to Esther are seemingly always benevolent; he once went so far as to save her from nearly certain death at the hands of Monica Argento, a ruthless AX agent with orders to bring Esther in dead or alive. His reasons for seemingly shepherding Esther are unknown. Also, he appears to maintain a role as Cain's literal butler in this adaptation, deferring to him in a servant-like manner and referring to himself as an "ant" when compared to Cain.

Isaak's calm, mysterious nature and tendency to help the AX as much as the Orden is true in the novels as well, even saving Abel from Monica in a similar situation in Rage Against the Moons. Isaak possesses many talents and is well versed in the use of Lost Technologies.

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His primary weapon is an attack called the Arrow of Belial , a massive sphere of light that shoots a multitude of electromagnetically accelerated bolts of energy at his opponent. He also possesses the ability to project a nearly impenetrable electromagnetic wall, known as the Shield of Asmodai , around his body. This defense can be utilized at will and is capable of blocking almost any assault.