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He was equally gifted at shooting fashion, and he found work with the top magazines. When Paramount Pictures created an in-house portrait studio in Eugene Robert Richee was hired to head up the operation.

He brought together a talented team including William Walling, Don English and, later, Otto Dyar and John Engstead, all of whom had long and significant careers as Hollywood portrait artists. Richee worked at Paramount until when, for reasons never satisfactorily discovered, he left to take a job at Warner Brothers.

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Bud Fraker was a Pennsylvania native, who came west to pursue a career in photography. In , he began working part-time as a photographer at Columbia Pictures under his brother William A. Fraker Jr. After leaving Paramount, he began doing freelance work for other studios while running his own photo lab until his retirement in His nephew is the noted cinematographer William A.

Lippman held various jobs and titles during his tenure in the business from still photographer and film director to cinematographer. While Lippman worked primarily for Columbia Pictures he also worked for many other film and production companies.

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His father, the local sheriff, took photographs of the town's criminals. Apger worked as an usher and assistant to the projectionist of the town's only movie theatre. His first job in films was as a transportation man and labourer for the Mack Sennett Studios.

In his brother-in-law, Eugene Robert Richee, who was head of the portrait gallery at Paramount, hired Apger as his assistant. Apger developed Richee's negatives, worked with the dryers, and made prints. Soon Jean Harlow gave Apger his start as a production still photographer by requested him to shoot photos on "China Seas" From then on he shot the stills on all her films. Apger's enthusiasm on the set made him extremely popular with the stars, and Greer Garson, whose films he worked on, requested him for her portrait photographer.

Miniver" starring Garson.


Between and , Apger had the distinction of having more magazine covers--among them, Life, Look and Photoplay--than all of the other photographers at all of the other studios combined. As Hollywood photography changed in the s and s, and sharp lenses, flat light and stiff poses became the norm, Apger continued to stay true to the MGM tradition. When Elvis Presely came to MGM to make 'Jailhouse Rock' in , he got the studio's typical glamour treatment, including a portrait session with Apger.

By the late s, however, after MGM's last great productions, like the re-make of 'Ben Hur, glamour was over in Hollywood and Apger's departure in coincided with MGM's takeover by Kirk Kerkorian, which closed the door on the past forever.

Floyd was a stills photographer working at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank who photographed many of their productions and stars. Jones was Head of Stills at Fox Studios from when he moved to Universal Studios where he remained as Head of Portraits until his retirement in In , it merged its real estate holdings with Warner Communications Inc. DeMille, David O.

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THE DR. A remake of the Blaxploitation film of the same name, Superfly follows drug dealer Youngblood Priest in his attempt to leave behind his life of crime.

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In the original film, Priest had a girlfriend, Georgia, and a mistress, Cynthia. In the remake, this is changed to Priest, Georgia, and Cynthia in a polyamorous relationship, which is reciprocated on all sides. Georgia and Cynthia kiss and show affection to each other as well as to Priest.

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There is an extended sex scene in the middle of the film, and though it includes all three of the characters in the relationship, most of the screen time is devoted to each woman with Priest respectively. Though it is a good update to show Georgia and Cynthia as bisexual, the film still mostly conveys their relationship in terms of a male fantasy and how they relate to Priest.

Sony Pictures Worldwide has acquired the domestic and most of the international rights to upcoming British drama Ammonite, starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan as two women who fall in love. Ideally, Sony will give this film a wide release, as these LGBTQ-inclusive historical dramas are often limited to a smaller run. Bisexual pop star Halsey has signed on with Sony to make a semi-autobiographical film starring herself.