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Social stratification -- England -- History -- 16th century -- Dictionaries. Enterprising women : gender, race, and power in the revolutionary Atlantic. Social stratification -- Caribbean Area -- History -- 18th century. Filling the credibility gap. Writing the South through the self : explorations in southern autobiography.

Classed intersections : spaces, selves, knowledges. The minds of marginalized Black men : making sense of mobility, opportunity, and future life chances. Benefit of early discharge among patients with low-risk pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary Embolism Stratification index. Propensity score matching PSM was used to compare day adverse. Chapter 2 describes. Job placements and job shifts in China : the effects of education, family background and gender. The book will be of value to social scientists. The price of paradise : the costs of inequality and a vision for a more equitable America.

The anthropological study of class and consciousness. The struggle for equality : essays on sectional conflict, the Civil War, and the long reconstruction. America's growing inequality : the impact of poverty and race. Political development and social change.

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Finkle, Jason Leonard, editor. Unveiling inequality : a world-historical perspective. Korzeniewicz, Roberto Patricio, author.

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Educational policy and social reproduction : class inscription and symbolic control. Turbulence : an introduction for scientists and engineers. Davidson, P.

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  • The European Union and emerging powers in the 21st century : how Europe can shape a new global order.
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Peter Alan , Music and the sociological gaze : art worlds and cultural production. Musicology and sociology : the interface -- pt. The sound of social stratification : the. Analysing architecture. Rebuilding Islam in contemporary Spain : the politics of mosque establishment, The social history of the American family : an encyclopedia.

Atmospheric science AS and ocean science OS. Seismic wave propagation in stratified media. Kennett, B. Brian Leslie Norman , Research in Lower Egypt. The many layers of culture within each city : a theory of cultural geography. Poverty traps. Sampson, Jeffrey D. Morenoff -- Spatial concentration and social stratification: does.

  • Climbing the mountain : cancer, exercise, and well-being!
  • Philosophy of Medicine!
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  • Non-Western International Relations Theory: Perspectives On and Beyond Asia (Politics in Asia).

Sociology on culture. Les Arabes du Levant en Argentine. The sociology of the professions. The emergence of civilization : from hunting and gathering to agriculture, cities, and the state in the Near East.

Metabolically Healthy Obesity. Pursuing livelihoods, imagining development : smallholders in Highland Lampung, Indonesia.

Social stratification in Gunung Terang -- 8. The farming economy in. Mapping leisure across borders. Lo Verde, Fabio Massimo, editor. Leisure across individual and collective spheres, social stratification and. Beyond caste : identity and power in South Asia, past and present.

Patrons of history : nobility, capital and political transitions in Poland. Introducing oceanography. Student loans in China : efficiency, equity, and social justice. Handbook of social psychology.

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Unequal desires : race and erotic capital in the stripping industry. Topics in arrhythmias and ischemic heart disease. Horn -- Asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis : detection, risk stratification. Legacies of race : identities, attitudes, and politics in Brazil. Understanding racial attitudes -- Racial boundaries -- Race and culture -- Stratification beliefs. Absent citizens : disability politics and policy in Canada.

City life and the politics of strangers -- 3. Social stratification, the. Unequal crime decline : theorizing race, urban inequality, and criminal violence. Anatolian-Syrian frontier. This book examines the changing patterns of stratification and status management. Rural China : economic and social change in the late twentieth century. Globalization and belonging.

China's scientific elite. Women in God's Army : gender and equality in the early Salvation Army. Gender, stratification, and the sacred -- Ambiguous heritage : the Salvation Army's victorian and. Jerusalem : portrait of the city in the second Temple period B. The typology of adjectival predication. Alphabetical listing of the sample -- Genetic and areal stratification of the sample. Inequality and old age. An analysis of ageing in relation to identity formation, inequality and stratification. The book. Emile Durkheim : sociologist and moralist.

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Dimensions of social life : essays in honor of David G. Mandelbaum, David Goodman, Caste in india -- section six.

Stratification and ethnicity -- section seven. The integration of. Managed professionals : unionized faculty and restructuring academic labor. In search of political stability : a comparative study of New Brunswick and Northern Ireland. Posthuman : consciousness and pathic engagement. Resurgent Islam and the Politics of Identity. Documented, undocumented, and something else : the incorporation of children of Brazilian immigrants. Legal status. Anarchy and society : reflections on anarchist sociology. Sociology : a global introduction. Heart failure : symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Problem solving in cardiology. Abbreviations; Section 1: Primary Prevention; 1 Risk stratification and guidelines; 2. Predicative possession.