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In order to keep Spengler out of mainstream discussion they will deliberately ignore and twist his words to obfuscate him.

The ‘parasitical, contemptuous city dweller’? We’ve seen him before

Calling Spengler a mere "Prophet of Doom" is like calling Nietzsche simply a "Nihilist" - not only are either of those statements superficial, but they fail to even come close to the core of what either of them said or believe. Anybody who says either of those things to you should be immediately disqualified from being "Intelligent" in your mind.

Spengler is the only philosopher of history who ever mattered, recognizing that other philosophical historians before him like Hegel are themselves only the products of a civilization experiencing a particular turning of the wheel of birth-growth-death-rebirth. Spengler is the single most self-aware Westerner who ever lived, penetrating more deeply than anyone into the core of the unique psychology of Western Man. His process of differentiating between Classical and Western Man as well as Western Man and "Magian" Man "Magian" Spengler's term for the religious ethos of the Middle-East really make you feel, in your very blood and bones, how as a Westerner, you are a unique being with a way of looking at the world that is utterly without precedent and thoroughly exciting.

Days after opening this book I could feel the Spenglerian thought-system refining my mind, and it is hard not to see the world from a Spenglerian lens after reading it. It is best to be able to see the world from as many lenses as possible, but without falling into the delusion that all lenses are equal. The Spenglerian lens is a particularly illuminating one. Without question the best book I read this summer.

The ‘parasitical, contemptuous city dweller’? We’ve seen him before

It will haunt me for a long time and I cannot wait to read it again, which I will do without question. Next time I will read the un-abridged version. Sep 11, Avery rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-that-changed-my-life , best-books-of-all-time , best-history-books. The greatest book written in the 20th century. Nobody can really call themselves well-read if they haven't read this.

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While I was still in the middle of this book, a guy who works at a fish and chip shop near where I work told me that we are living in a time of intellectual apogee where the most ordinary people have knowledge of the world around them undreamed of by those of the near past. Religion needs to die. Superstitions are all hooey. And he is both a little right and very wrong. Optimism is cowardice, Spengler most famously wrote elsewhere. Covering a world with barely nothing is worth much less than just knowing one decent thing.

We certainly think we know more than ever before, at the same time as being far less reliable in anything we think we know This is a startling book. No matter what you hear about it before hand prepares you for it. It is more than what you think, much more Spengler is a giant, and while he walks through valleys and crests mountains, he remains a giant the whole time.

Spengler is writing to the future Close to a hundred years after he wrote the Introduction to my edition, it has a contemporary mood. To the accusation that it is pessimistic, he is unrelentingly indifferent.

Why the Decline of the West is the best thing to happen to us - The Globe and Mail

By understanding the world I mean being equal to the world. It is not an easy read. You need time to chew. Spengler spends plenty of time comparing the world-pictures of various identifiable Cultures, most particularly the Classical, the Magian and the Western. He begins with the mythologies and the most basics manners in which the world around them are processed, and then leads us into art, then politics and economics Truths lie beyond history and life, and vice versa life is something beyond all causes, effects and truths.

Our management of assessment for how living history is cause and effect based is heavily challenged. Our petty narcissisms. It reminded me sometimes of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. We look back and assign causes and effects, and so we believe we can look forward and manage them same on a cosmic level.

But our viewpoint is always a Cultural phantasm, even the idea that it is this is also this. It is a variety of cultural relativism that is not reductive. And it is to the 'pristine fact' that we fall into, the fact devoid of meaning, that of pure Being.

Even now the world-cities of the Western Civilization are far from having reached their development. I see, long after A.

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Fascinating that he should mention communications in particular from so far back, but otherwise, his predictions do go a little awry for us. This has a Christ-like mythos to it, and seems, on face value, to be proven wrong. The machines we build to serve us more and more demand service from us. Fantastic to the point of madness? Spengler underestimated the depth of the madness.

All of this simply points to a longer decline than Spengler estimated. Or he might have been impatient to get to club-end of his thesis Either way, he has re-arranged my thinking somewhat. And there are some beautiful dirges still to be done. And a lament can reach somewhere triumphant. Things come and go, rise and fall History is made and as such, that which is history is itself ephemeral. From this basic premise, many an internally consistent metaphysics of history follows. Why this book matters: It may not matter at all.

The Decline of the West

I enjoyed if only because it is a wholly unique specimen of a philosophy of history, a sort of time-independent philosophy of the nature of civilizations and their attendant cultures, a sort of Heracl Things come and go, rise and fall I enjoyed if only because it is a wholly unique specimen of a philosophy of history, a sort of time-independent philosophy of the nature of civilizations and their attendant cultures, a sort of Heraclitian metaphysics he wrote is doctoral thesis on Heraclitus as it turns out!

The thing is is that this guy was a High School math instructor, and then he retires, and then writes shit like this. And by "like this," I mean not only one of the most important tracts contributing to German national conservative thought in between the two world wars - once could easily cherry pick a self-constructed national socialist ideology if one desired - but a book of pretty incredible learning across millennia and discipline alike. Spengler is all about "becoming" and not the "become.

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Basically, crazy ass Nietzschean ubermensch stuff except for the fact that with Spengler - lol - there's no way out. Anyway, in all serious, the erudition on display is really awesome. You will learn A LOT. Anyway, basically he's saying that Classical man had "form", Magian had "consensus," and Faustian has "infinity" as their respective prime symbols, whereupon he seizes upon all the evidence and erudition he can muster and he musters to prove his point.

Decline of the West? Spengler Reconsidered

I guess he initially was planning on writing the whole thing as a series of aphorisms. Too appropriate. Jul 10, Amy Jackson rated it it was amazing. The rare honest conservative intellectual. Spengler explores the factors that make all cultures unique. The decline of the west he speaks of needs not be a negative one, but a simple passage in the narrative of history.

here It is a shame his work was appropriated by fascists, but it serves as a very useful insight into the state of culture and globalization at the time. Apr 25, Von Rietberg rated it it was amazing. Everybody with even the slightest interest in History must read this. You might love it, you might hate it, but you must read it.

The Decline of the West?