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Next, using simple examples, he introduces each key component of ADO. Beauchemin explains how ADO. NET varies from the provider model common to traditional data access technologies, and introduces new features such as connection pooling and automatic distributed transactions.

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He presents in-depth coverage of ADO. NET Data Reader and when to use an offline cache. WriteLine constraints constructor contains cursor da. Essential ADO. Bob Beauchemin. Annotation Make the most of ADO. In this ADO. NET interview questions.

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These questions will help students build their concepts around ADO. NET and help them ace the interview. Answer: ADO. NET has provided the following namespaces for data management as below:.

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NET Interview Questions asked in an interview. The difference between Dataset and DataReader as below:. Answer: The use of the connection object is to connect data to a command object. Answer: Connection pooling is the ability to re-use connections to the database i.

It reduces the cost of repeatedly connection opening and closing which uses the connection manager which maintains the list of connections, pool, and available connections. Following are some of the pooling attributes of SQL Server connection as below:. NET as below:. Answer: Data Adapter objects connect one or more command objects to the DataSet object.

Data Adapter objects provide logic for getting data, storing it and populates the tables in the dataset object. Answer: SqlCommandBuilder helps users to generate an update, insert, and delete commands on a single table for a data adapter. Each Data adapter object has a command builder class. Some of the examples of CommandBuilder classes as below:.

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Answer: The ExecuteScalar Method in SqlCommand Object returns the first column of the first row after executing the query against a data source. If the result set is empty, it will ignore the result set. If the result set having more than one column or one row it will take the only first column of the first row only, remaining values are ignored.

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This has been a guide to list Of ADO. NET Interview Questions easily. Here in this post, we have studied top ADO.

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NET Interview Questions which are often asked in interviews. You may also look at the following articles to learn more —. Verifiable Certificate of Completion.