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Pulp Fiction (BFI Modern Classics) by Dana Polan

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Pulp Fiction (BFI Film Classics)

Samuel Wigley Updated: 7 March The Big Lebowski Two decades is kind of the joke about Lebowski, see. If The Big Lebowski shows little sign of losing its appeal 20 years on, it too β€” as is said of the Dude β€” is of its time and place. The Big Lebowski may come on like a parody of film noir, but it also takes time out for an extended homage to the choreography of Busby Berkeley.

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Stretching the point? The pornography angle is also taken up by the Coens in the form of muck magnate Jackie Treehorn Ben Gazzara. Robert Altman annoyed many Chandler purists by updating the Marlowe archetype to hippie-era California in The Long Goodbye , which features Elliott Gould as the out-of-time private eye whose next-door neighbours are now incense-brained flower-children. With The Big Lebowski, the Coens took the joke several steps further, imagining a Chandler plot in which the Marlowe figure himself is now a casualty of one too many hits on the bong.

To see an unkempt Gould, cigarette draped from his lower lip, shuffling around a supermarket in search of cat food is to see the acorn from which stoner Lebowski would grow. Jeff would certainly recognise this same milieu of louche beachfront homes and off-Hollywood glamour.

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It features Jeff Bridges playing an aimless beach bum who, together with his best friend a Vietnam veteran, naturally , finds himself unexpectedly drawn into a murky criminal plot orbiting around a local business tycoon. Where to begin with the Coen brothers. How to design movies for the Coen brothers. Back to the top. Teaching film, TV and media studies.

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