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The devices also embed an integrated LCD driver 8x40 or 4x44, with internal step-up converter. They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces. A comprehensive set of power-saving modes allows the design of low-power applications. The STM32Lxx family offers six packages from pin to pin packages. Distributor reported inventory date: It helps engineers identify third party solutions with the highest level of integration and quality for the STM32 microcontrollers' ecosystem. The STM32Cube. ST has built a new architecture to reach best-in-class ultra-low-power figures thanks to its high flexibility.

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Moreover, the STM32L4 series shatters performance limits in the ultra-low-power world. Flasher ATE is a gang-programmer for mass production. Flasher Portable Plus is a battery driven programming system. Flasher Secure is a secure mass production programming system. Debug Probe for ARM devices. Complete software development solution for all STM32 devices. Express Logic TraceX Graphical finetuning tool. Integrated Development Environment. State-machine modelling tool. Remedy Datalogger with capabilities for dynamic remote data logging and control.

Cross-platform Integrated Development Environment IDE for managing, building, testing, and deploying embedded applications. STM32Cube initialization code generator.

Examples and technical note. Development Tools to create optimized GUIs.

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AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It's the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Speed up IoT product development today! SensiBLE 2. Express Logic FileX file system. The FreeRTOS kernel is an open source real time operating system and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors.

A communication infrastructure that provides a secure instant communication between clients and devices connected through the Internet. Sigfox IoT connectivity feed your innovation strategy and make the digital transformation of your business a reality.

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Sigfox IoT connectivity brings value in various business activities. With the continued miniaturization of sensors and technologic advancements such as energy harvesting, we will witness a continuous ow of data, merging the physical world to the digital world. Sigfox Geolocation, the simplest and most efficient IoT location service.

Sigfox Geolocation is a low-energy location service for all devices equipped with the simplest Sigfox module, without GPS. There is no need to retrofit to upgrade specific hardware, or to update software: Sigfox can now provide a location for all existing and future devices all over the world. Embedded Software to create optimized GUIs. Complete networking server with or without IPv6 and other network components. Supports various wireless modules.

Engineering Services from AC6 Consulting. Witekio's engineers are experts in connectivty. With their assistance, STMicroelectronics customers can connect anything to anything, using a wide range of technologies. Engineering Services from Crank Software. Prevas has high experience in advanced electronic design from many successful projects.

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Embedded Hardware Design and Development Service is determined on a custom basis, please contact us to get a quote. Embedded Software Design and Development Service is determined on a custom basis, please contact us to get a quote. With high level of expertise within Embedded system and intellignet sensors, Prevas can help Customers to become succesful in their business.

Complete hardware and firmware design for all applications. Prevas has many years of experience in supporting various industries with solutions in connected devices.

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With 30 years of experience from development in life science, Prevas is a skilled partner in the development of medical technology products. Witekio's experts bring their knowledge and experience of embedded and IoT software systems to handle and control all migration stakes. Witekio expert engineers have developed a strong knowledge in complex technical software matters and can help optimize any specific performance aspects of your software.

Witekio teams are experienced in project management and help you choose and run methodologies most adapted to your project, be it Agile or Kanban, software factory, continuous integration.

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Engineering services on theSensorTile. Witekio helps innovators build the best software system for their device: choose the right technologies, build a stable and scalable architecture, develop all software layers. Support to get all product examples running on the off the shelf supported hardware is included for all customers at no cost. Witekio experts secure all the software layers of embedded and IoT systems. Witekio helps innovators ensure their device will meet its market by defining customer journey, prioritizing features, building roadmap and software system architecture.

As a 17 years embedded and IoT software expert, Witekio helps innovators choose the right technologies for their innovative devices: OS, frameworks, apps, connectivity, cloud solutions. Efficient test and verification are important issues for success and Prevas addresses those issues with our processes and solutions. This course explains the Arm Cortex-M global architecture and the prerequisites needed to start learning the various specific cores. Witekio helps companies in adding intelligence to existing device. Connect me workshop helps define connected scenario, connectivity capability and software architectures.

Technical training and consulting for STM Witekio experts can help you to improve the security of your system through a workshop with clear deliverables and action plan. Software factory is key for industrialization. Witekio's experts help STMicroelectronics customers analyze their situation, propose solutions and support in the implementation.

Getting started with sigma-delta digital interface on applicable STM32 microcontrollers. Virtually increasing the number of serial communication peripherals in STM32 applications. Implementation of transmitters and receivers for infrared remote control protocols with STM32Cube. Please contact our sales support for information on specific devices. STM32 Education. This browser is out of date and not supported by st. As a result, you may be unable to access certain features.

Consider that modern browsers:. So why not taking the opportunity to update your browser and see this site correctly? Save to MyST. Sales Briefcase. Get Started. Partner products.

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