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Synonyms pitiless. Related words ruthlessly.

To compete abroad requires ruthless cost-cutting at home. Examples of ruthless. Certainly both are ruthless in pursuit of their agendas. From Cambridge English Corpus. Neither is corruption a by-product of ruthless capitalism, which promotes self-interest and maximum economic growth as opposed to the interests of the community.

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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Even the ruthless radicalism with which the lovers embrace and pursue their passion to the exclusion of all else speaks to the new, harsher spirit.

They also point vividly upwards to the absence of supportive political scripts amid ruthless , market-driven processes of global social change. One storyteller, for instance, remembered strict, ruthless teachers - a harrowing experience. In his relationship with his wife, he is ruthless , par ticularly when his authority is threatened.

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He was known to be tough and unrelenting, and he could be ruthless and vindictive. The ' great spiritualist ' had to die because he represented the ruthless and perverse aspect of political power. Here tales of ruthless courtsponsored persecution of dissidents appear fundamental. Positive words glamorize humans' ruthless genetic manipulation of other species.

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This collection would have benefited from more substantial introductions, a tighter editorial focus, and a ruthless culling of inferior chapters. And that he carried his knowledge with him always as though it were a banner, with a quality ruthless , lonely, and almost proud. The emergency experience has restrained successive rulers from developing ruthless measures of population control.

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The age of the lone entrepreneur is passing, superseded by a less personal, more ruthless system in thrall to the pitiless logic of hard capital. What good does it do to remove a ruthless dictator if his followers hold similar views of outsiders? Translations of ruthless in Chinese Traditional.

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