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There is no fact in science that is more awe-inspiring and deeply meaningful than that we are made of stardust, the remnants of exploded stars billions of years ago that through the process of evolution have turned into conscious creatures called humans.

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Stardust's curiosity and excitement for the solar system is a powerful inspiration for young readers. This character is a great role model for the future female scientists! Her sweet narrative, combined with the beautiful illustrations, will help children fall in love with space!

My Name is Stardust begins with a question, 'what are we made of? In fact, Bailey and Douglas have captured the most compelling part of science: we scientists get to use creativity to convert curiosity into knowledge that feeds both wonder and appreciation for our universe. I know this unique book will nourish the next generation of scientists and science-appreciators. This sequel to My Name is Stardust focuses on our solar system and its diversity of planets, moons, and other bodies. Aimed at early readers, this is a concise and well-illustrated introduction to our local star and its companions.

Where did life come from and how did it get so diverse? The ancient Greeks asked these questions, but it took 2, years for scientists to figure it out. I love this book and will give acopy to every kid and parent I know. I am giving a copy to each of my kids and grandkids so they will know who their real ancestors are. Stardust authors, Bailey and Douglas Harris, take a thoughtful approach to evolution's potential for controversy.

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As a result, their evidence-based and wonder-filled book can be enjoyed by families of faith and non-faith backgrounds. Free U. S Shipping!

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Group photos or portraits, taken on holiday or during a break from working out in the fields, light-hearted snapshots working hard to describe everyday contentment inhabited by elegant, graceful figures, sulking babies or playful children, all hinting at the universe of the artist — later photographer — Francesco Paolo Michetti. Often period photographs, beyond the affective aspect and direct family memories, cast a certain spell because of nostalgia for a bygone time and their ability to call to mind everyday life, like images from a picture story or a film where every tale of family, war or love merges at some point, weaving a single script.

In a process that resembles alchemy, Amy Friend reinterprets and breathes life back into period photographs, already charged with meaning and emotion, giving them an extra aesthetic and poetic dimension.

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  6. Spots of light animate the images and even the humblest become magical, under a shower of stardust or traversed by processions of fireflies. In daylight they penetrate the atmosphere and speak of hope; at dusk they inhabit skies where they seem to project dreams. Add to wishlist. Articolo aggiunto! View wishlist.