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At this point, you have a chose; remove the unsafe items out of baggage and proceed to your flight, or go home. Scanning you and your future spouse's baggage is crucial to the success of your marriage. Money is one of the top three reasons for divorce today. People have different ideas about money, it is key that your ideas match your future spouse's. The subject of money can be uncomfortable for some, but neglecting this conversation could be the demise of a future marriage. It may be necessary for some to seek financial coaching after this coaching.


The more your know, the more your grow your money. Just like every human needs oxygen, water, and food to live, every spouse has needs. Needs are not optional, but required for a successful life. Women and Men are very different, and both require a core group of needs in order to be truly satisfied in marriage.

Being ignorant of these needs have been the downfall of so many marriages.

You will learn and grow to understand your needs, and the needs of your future spouse. As a driver we are constantly bombarded with boundaries, from street lights, deed ends, to road blocks, there are limitations all around us.


Though sometimes we all may be aggravated by all these boundaries, they protect us from danger. There are things should never say, do, or once you are married. Understanding these boundaries will keep your marriage safe. We know that a house built on sand will never last, but a house built on a solid rock has an everlasting affect. It's not if you're going to face storms in your marriage, it's when.

But those who invest the time into securing a strong foundation endure through the toughest of times. Before you fill the house, you must build the house on a solid foundation. When you don't understand the purpose of a thing you are sure misuse it and possibly abuse it.

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Understanding the purpose of Marriage will help set the proper goals, while helping you keep a narrow focus. It is very wise to understand the purpose of a thing, before you invest in.

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  • Make sure you are well equipped for your future marriage, grab your spot at the next Sweet Talk Engagement Party. The goal of a Wife is to get a "Yes!

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