Guide Synergy Matters - Working with Systems in the 21st Century

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On the first day, an introductory session explored the chemical and physical fundamentals of matter at high densities. These presentations set the stage for an extensive group of talks that demonstrated how both static and dynamic experiments, particularly in combination with each other, along with condensed-matter theory, can provide a means to unravel the phenomena governing the behavior of matter under extreme conditions.

The second day started with an overview of recent progress in seismology and geodynamics and then identified questions to be answered and the role that high pressure mineral physics can play in sorting out some of the pressing questions in these fields. Answers to some of these problems were pursued during talks in the later sessions on high-pressure mineral sciences, in which new results, developments, and technologies were presented.


The second day ended with two talks outlining current work in the area of biological and organic systems under high pressure. Is it only a matter of time before basic needs are met everywhere and we can get to the business of being the best curators of the planet and its inhabitants that we can be? Right now, we are on the verge of a new paradigm in pharmaceutical development at least for mental health treatments where benefit corporations 4 in addition to for-profit corporations have the ability to get these products out into the world. How MPBC manifests that will not only impact the people who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD , but will also have a ripple effect on the industry as a whole.

Synergy Matters: Working with Systems in the 21st Century

In addition to the investment of funds, another huge difference between the for-profit and benefit corporation models is the transparency with which research is conducted. The original patent holder, while they can still sell their product, is no longer the only game in town.

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Full transparency does not mean that suddenly hundreds of competitors would show up, but it does mean that barriers to information would go away. For example, The Polymath Projects polymathprojects. Working together and merging our vast collective experience can lead to fascinating, unexpected, and often faster results. Back to the thought experiment: I am proposing not that companies create things for free, but rather, they create them for a different reason; to create them because they need to be created, and put them into the world because the world needs them; not to recoup the investment, not to generate profits, but to create benefits for the human race.

The Synergy of Medicine, Science, and Public Benefit

Of course, for-profit companies also put good things into the world. They donate millions of dollars every year through philanthropic endeavors for example, my company matches a significant number of employee donations to non-profits every year. For-profit companies participate in communities.

They sponsor investigative research for rare and unique patient populations. These financial checks and balances in for-profit corporations, unfortunately, are not primarily intended to create the most benefit for the most patients. This thought experiment is simple and extremely aspirational.

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Jotin et al. Jack A. Bottom up Thinking Pages Hutchinson, Bill. Pages Peters, Geoff et al. Getting to Grips with Gender and Systems Pages Pages Armstrong, Steve et al.

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Pages Bell, Dr. Pages Marshall, Peter et al.

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Pages Waters, Professor Sam et al. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink.

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