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Balancing workforce satisfaction and business objectives. AI powered decision making to improve the workforce. Building a sustainable workforce strategy.

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Watch our promo video for a taste of what to expect as this year's event Why attend? Learn Pioneering Strategy Hear from pioneers in workforce transformation and find the inspiration to drive your own success story.

Understand Generation Tech Understand the millennial mindset to get the most out of the next generation of workers, and how their skills and ideals can benefit productivity and workplace culture. Harness disruption to drive digital transformation visit site. Platinum Sponsor - Future of Work Summit. Konica Minolta. Gold Sponsors - Future of Work Summit. Royal Albert Dock. Silver Sponsor - Future of Work Summit.

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Partners - Future of Work Summit. HM Government. Collaborative AI AI will be designed for collaboration. Multimodal Interfaces 3D haptic feedback, gesture recognition and even smell will be used in interface systems to provide more diverse and accessible ways to interact with data and applications. Extended Reality XR XR, which includes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, combines real and virtual environments to allow users to turn abstract information into rich, interactive experiences.

Secure Distributed Ledgers Secure distributed ledgers like blockchains provide an immutable, transparent data storage mechanism that can automate work processes such as real-time payment upon completion of a work task.

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Human-machine partnerships will power the future of work if humans lead with caution. As with any opportunity, challenges will need to be overcome. Our researchers list these:. Algorithmic Bias Transparency will drive workplace inclusivity and ethics.

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Learn how AI combats bias. Digital Skill Gap Organizations must reskill and empower workers The ability to reskill experienced workers and empower a new generation of workers will be crucial. Explore top skills business leaders will value in Worker Rights and Protections New policies will be required for changing realities.

Discover what public policy makers need to do to realize Realizing the digital future By new human-machine partnerships will enable us to surpass our limitations and rid the workplace of age-old inefficiencies and inequities. Read the Full Report.

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Learn More. Today, in advanced workplaces, AI and other technology commonly assist people in their work. While this is an impressive dynamic to watch evolve, the introduction of AI in the workplace will dramatically change working relationships.

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While it may be easy to see how such AI bosses can drive costs down and profits up, a bigger question remains: can AI interaction help humans develop and grow to be better in their jobs and careers? As a writer, speaker and business leader, I am keenly interested in how my message will land with my audiences or those who work for me. I also want to know how my broadly distributed written communications will be received.

The better I can communicate, the more job and career success I and those engaging with me will enjoy. The weight of connecting with an audience can be stressful, and may even prohibit some from saying what they want or need to say. This reality also plays out in one-on-one conversations, such as when a manager coaches employees or discusses performance. Now imagine a world where you already know how your audience, direct report or co-worker will react to what you are about to say or send, giving you the opportunity to make improvements beforehand.

Time travel? Actually, AI. It is mind blowing. As these platforms continue to become more immersive and more accessible, speakers will have the opportunity to simulate speaking in their presentation space, in front of a packed audience. Speakers and their coaches will be able to recreate multiple rehearsal environments such as a lecture hall, a conference room, or even the TED stage.

Users can leverage this technology to practice interacting with an unpredictable audience, and to become comfortable presenting in the room. AI is poised to transform human communication in many ways. Workers of the future will need to become comfortable with the idea of AI delivering performance feedback, personal development, coaching and evaluation. Business leaders must be mindful and intentional about communicating why new technology and innovation in the workplace are important and must think through how to best implement the technology; these steps are critical to ensuring employee support and integration success.

Many organizations today are missing the real opportunity to leverage technological advancements: they are looking to AI and other technologies only to speed up or increase accuracy in existing mechanical processes instead of thinking about how innovations can bring about radical improvements in the way we work. It is time to stop paving the cow paths.